Smelling Comics, Drinking Beer, Eating Pizza. Barzinga at C2E2!

Smelling Comics, Drinking Beer, Eating Pizza. Barzinga at C2E2!

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On the first day of C2E2, Henn and I had a pretty good day. Henn admits he prefers to physically read, and smell, comics, while I’m a little more hesitant about that (but yes, I know a lot of people do it) but if they smell of leaves that happen to be celebrated on 4:20, all the better.

Remember when I spoke to Revolution Brewery‘s Steve Nichols just over a week ago? Well in this Barzinga Rich was drinking the Revolution Brewery Galactic Hero and I was on the Anti Hero, which are both great beers. I actually went as far to say the Anti is one of the best ever. So if you’re able to find Revolution Brewery’s beer in a shop, buy it, you can fight me on that. Plus, really, any convention that sells alcohol should be on the top of your list (if you drink).


Was C2E2 better than celebration? I dunno, watch on, and invest in slab comics for coasters!


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