Which Comic Companies Will License Their Characters To Fidget Spinners First?

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In the last month or so, I have been aware of the rise of the fidget spinner in my household.

A type of stress relieving toy, that basically spins in the hand, it has been recommended for those with anxiety or autism.It is intended to act as a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress.


Different bearings adjust the vibration, noise, and spin time of the fidget spinner leading to unique sensory feedback.

Patented in 1997 by Catherine A. Hettinger in the U.S., the patent expired this year and as a result many manufacturers have started creating spinners in a variety of different shapes and designs.


And they are the new kiddie crack. Though Diamond Comic Distributors will only have them in July, keen comic stores may look to find them elsewhere first.

Any second now, the big IP companies are going to descend on these. Though some people are ahead of that… this Batman Fidget Spinner is unofficial but very popular and comes in a variety of colours.


Why hasn’t one of these been in a Loot Crate yet?

And the big question is… who’ll make the first Fidget Spinners comic? I have an idea if any publisher or artist wants a look? This has Kickstarter written all over it.

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