Comics Folk Eat Popcorn While Reading The #FyreFestival Hashtag...

Comics Folk Eat Popcorn While Reading The #FyreFestival Hashtag…

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So Fyre Festival is a glamping music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. No drudging through the sodden fields of Glastonbury with your yurt, this was a place for the rich to play. Privates flight to the island, high cuisine, bespoke high end tends, yachts, and of course the music from the biggest names.

In reality, it’s one of those Christmas Festival events in a field that ends up making the national news because it’s just a six foot elf with a whippet with a red nose throwing torn up pieces of paper into the air and you’ve just paid £30 for your kids, promising a magical adventure.

Which is why the attendees were forced to shelter in the airport as there was a) no food, b) there was a bit of a crime spree c) wild dogs roamed the area and d) the glamping tents were the worst.

And because all these people know how to do is to wail on social media, that is what they have done. And the world, riven by divisive politics has finally found a common cause.


Mocking rich, stupid people who don’t know how to look after themselves in the real world, but know how to point a cameraphone really well and type through the tears. The liberals laugh at the undeserved rich. The conservatives laugh at the folly of youth. And everyone tries to overlook the fact that some people may actually be really hurt because that would put a damper on things…

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