Bethesda Teases Their E3 Reveals

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Bethesda’s E3 conference this year will take place on June 11th at 6:30pm PT in downtown LA. They’re calling it “Bethesdaland” because everyone needs a cutesy name for their E3 event. First we got EA Play and the Nintendo Treehouse and now it’s Bethesdaland. When will the madness stop?

Probably never.

The above image comes from the official invite and features a theme park based on Bethesda’s famous game properties. There are references to Fallout, Dishored, The Elder Scrolls, Quake, Doom, and even Prey in Bethesdaland. But nestled inside the theme park are two areas “under construction” so they could be revealing some new licensed properties or original IPs at their conference. Since all of Bethesda’s flagship series are already represented on the map, it seems likely that these are new games and not just sequels. Or maybe we’re getting Wet 2.

Either way, we’ll find out June 11th. So mark your calendars.

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