New Documentary Seeks Crowdsourcing Support For Amputee Andre Kajlich’s Attempt To Race Across America


When the story of Andre Kajilch was discovered by actors Greg Grunberg (Star Wars, Heroes)  and Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), they were so moved by his courage and determination to tackle some of the most grueling endurance races in the world that they knew that they wanted to support him and his efforts through a documentary, Joyrider.

It was in 1993, when Andre was in Prague enjoying a night partying with friends when he wound up being struck by a subway train. The resulting damage left him in a coma for weeks and his legs to be both amputated above the knees.The overall damage caused doctors to tell him that walking with artificial legs would not be practical for him, but it wound up only making him more determined. Today he walks with artificial legs and a cane. Beyond just regaining mobility, he’s become a leading endurance racer.

He’s already previously completed the Brazil135 Ultra Marathon, which spanned 135 miles through  jungle terrain in 62 hours, sometimes crawling along the forest floor as he dragged his wheelchair behind him.

First brought to their attention by Andre’s sister and actress, Bianca Kajlich (Undatable, Rules of Engagement), they decided to team up to make the film. It would follow his attempt to compete in the Race Across America (RAAM), a 12-day, 3,000-mile cross-country race in his custom wheelchair that’s part wheelchair, part bicycle, and part built for speed.

Three time RAAM winner Wolfgang Fasching compared the race to climbing Mount Everest saying, “Everest is more dangerous, but RAAM is much harder”.

Clare and Bianca are joining the project as directors, with Greg as producer. Cinematographer Pablo Durana (DogTown, Hoarding: Buried Alive) is also on board.

Overall the Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing goal of $150,000, and a week remaining. Now the push is on to get it across the finish line. Given that Andre has made it through the Brazilian Jungles, it doesn’t seem like an unattainable feat to complete this one as well.

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