Hydra Youth? Previewing Secret Empire #1, #2, The Crossovers And The Spin-Offs…

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The Secret Empire Spotlight issue, free from comic shops today, gives a greater insight ahead of the Secret Empire event. We’ve seen what happened in Secret Empire #0, the planetary shield used to keep the cosmic heroes out, as they are attacked by Chitauri, New York trapped in the Darkforce Dimension, Captain America in charge of SHIELD with emergency measures descending on the White House with Hydra taking over Sokovia and destroying any rebellion within SHIELD.

So we have new pages from Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven, with Captain Marvel seeking help from beyond.


…and a message to the stars. Today the world, tomorrow…?


And then pages we’d seen elsewhere…

mar170901-1-page-001mar170901-1-page-002 mar170901-1-page-003 mar170901-1-page-004 mar170901-1-page-005 mar170901-1-page-006

And this double page spread from Secret Empire #2 by Andrea Sorrentino. Who are the “victims”?


Then we get Secret Warriors #1 by Matthew Rosenberg and Javier Garron, the new young team book of Inhumans… and a new Hydra detection system that is very very old…


And not the only young Marvel team getting involved. There’s also Secret Empire Uprising #1 by Derek Landy and J Cassara and…


…Hydra Youth Choir? No, not Nazi at all then….


Then there’s USAvengers #6 by Al Ewing and Pac Medina… with Star-Lord heading toward the planetary shield battle.

img_6362 img_6363

A battle that is also continuing in Ultimates2 #7 by Al Ewing and Aud Koch… and they have a player they are trying to bring onto the board.


And a Coulson who has realised what is wrong with Captain America and a Deadpool who won’t countenance such a thing in Deadpool #31 by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Loli.


While Doctor Strange #21 by Dennis Hopeless and Niko Henrichon gives us an idea of what is going on inside the Darkforce Dimension that surrounds Manhattan. And invades even the Duane Reades…


Are you down for everything? Picking and choosing? Sitting this one out? Let us know…


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