Will Dino-Rachel Lead Marvel’s All-New Prehistoric Avengers In Legacy? #C2E2

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At Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at C2E2 today, Jason Aaron teased an exciting component of he and Esad Ribic’s Legacy one-shot. The series, which kicks off Marvel’s Legacy initiative that will affect the entire line, will serve as an “entry point” for readers to figure out what’s currently going on with Marvel’s continuity (remember when every comic was written as if it might be someone’s first?). “The main goal was just to be able to give this to someone who’s got no idea what’s going on in the Marvel right now and have that be a good entry point for them and I think it does that,” Aaron said at the panel. But it was the plot details, and the introduction of a new super-team, that caught our eye. From Marvel’s PR:

As for the plot itself, “We get a peak into the very distant past here so we go back to the prehistoric days of the Marvel Universe,” he adds, offering up a few tantalizing teases. “[We are] seeing versions of Marvel’s biggest legacy characters and different versions we haven’t seen before and [an adventure] of, I guess I could call ‘the Prehistoric Avengers.’ That adventure will have major ramifications for the Marvel Universe going forward.”

The Prehistoric Avengers? Is Marvel looking to compete for some of that DC Flintstones market share? No more details were revealed, so we’ll have to wait for Bleeding Cool to spoil this book later before its Fall release. We do have one suggestion though, a character who was born to lead this new team of Avengers, if she can find some time off from her role on the X-Men Gold team:


That’s pure speculation, of course. But we do know that Marvel has promised something that will break the internet, something missing from Marvel’s central mythos. We thought it might be The Fantastic Four, but maybe Dino-Rachel is actually the hero we need right now.

Legacy hits stores in the Fall.

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