Two Worlds II Now Has At Least Four Worlds Thanks To New DLC


Six years later and Two Worlds II has another DLC out. TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump Studios have put out Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae, which will be launching on May 25th. So grab your battered, neglected staff, sharpen your rusty blades, and re-string your bow; it's time to return to Antaloor.

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae drops the player into a decades-old mystery and a battle against a hideous, ancient evil known as The Tenebrae. Fun fact: tenebrae means "darkness" in Latin. Very creative, huh? (Oh yes, I am so proud of my years of Latin language study, finally I can use it to mock video game names! Huzzah)

Players won't be facing this lamely-named threat alone. You'll be seeing some returning characters drop in to help and hinder you as you work to take down this ancient evil.

"When we started development on Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae in early 2016, we underestimated how excited our team would be to get back to Antaloor. It took longer than expected, but we ended up with a 10+ hour adventure that is nearly a full sized release! Due to how large Call of the Tenebrae became, we've decided to release our game as an add-on to Two Worlds II, in addition to a standalone version for fans both new and old," said Alexandra Constandache, CEO TopWare Interactive.
The DLC will include 10+ hours of gameplay and you'll get to experience Antaloor "like never before with a major HD engine update!" Packed with new locations, enemies, weapons and achievements, Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae will be released for the PC, Mac, Linux and the Steam OS. So if you picked up Two Worlds II on console, you are sadly bereft of this new DLC.

Also available is the season pass, which includes Call of the Tenebrae and the soon to be released follow up DLC, Shattered Embrace (Q4-2017), 2 upcoming multiplayer map packs, in addition to a bunch of unnamed digital content that you may or may not want, which includes in-game bonus items, the art book, the Two Worlds II compendium, and game soundtracks. The DLC alone is for $9.99, or separately as a stand-alone title for $14.99.

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