Does Rob Liefeld Approve Of DC’s Dark Matter Publishing Initiative?

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A lot of complex factors go into the measure of a comic book publisher’s success. Are sales good? Are new readers coming on board for the long haul? Does the publishing line appeal to a wide and diverse audience? Is the publisher trying to get comic book store employees to dress up like Hydra? But perhaps the most important measure of a comic book publisher’s success of all can be answered by the metric: does superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld approve of what they’re doing?

Liefeld has been critical of DC in the past, both of their comics and of their editorial direction. But when it comes to DC’s latest publishing initiative, Dark Matter, announced yesterday at the Diamond Retailer Summit, Liefeld says he’s looking forward to it:

Liefeld adds that the creation of new characters is what made him the beloved international superstar he is today:

Showing just how untouchable a top star Liefeld is, he even hinted that he might draw a Fantastic Four comic, just for kicks, despite Marvel Chairman and Donald Trump advisor Ike Perlmutter having a longstanding personal vendetta against the property:

Judging by the Rob Liefeld seal of approval, it looks like DC’s Dark Matter is off to a nice start.

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