Identifying The New GWAR Girl In The GWAR Comic – She’s Called Estrogina

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Olly MacNamee rocks writes:

People of Phillipsburg, New Jersey rejoice! Not only is the Phillipsburg High School putting on its own comic-con on May 13th, as previously reported by us here at BC HQ, but along with such guests as Joe Kelly and Rags Morales, GWAR scribe Matt Miner will be making the long journey to debut his GWAR: Orgasmageddon Ashcan Edition, limited to only 100 pieces and selling at $20 on the day. It’s even going to be printed on old-school newsprint, so for all intents and purposes it will look, feel and smell like the comics of yesteryear. All you’ll be missing is the spinner rack!

And, if that wasn’t enough of a USP (if you need a reason other than the support if a great cause) there’s also the first in-comic appearance of the new would-be GWAR mascot of sorts, the new GWAR Girl (the Bez to GWAR’s Happy Mondays, if you like, and a relatively new addition to the band, the myth), who we can exclusively reveal to be known as Estrogina in the comic. If you’ve ever been to a GWARBQ in recent years, you’ll know who I’m referring to. See for yourself on the accompanying art, courtesy of Matt Miner himself. Thanks, Matt.

Matt is offering any unsold copies from his own website after the end of the con, but really? Will there be any left I have to ask myself? All proceeds from the con, and the sale of these very limited edition comics, will go to support RAINN, a charity organisation that helps victims of sexual violence.

You can read more about Matt’s appearance on his own website, or get down there in person if you can. As for the con: what a great idea! Comics in the classroom I’ve heard time and again, but there are only a few brave souls willing to put on a comic-con in a classroom. Hats off to the staff, students and organisers of Phillipsburg High School. As a teacher myself, I know how hard it would be to pull something off of this nature. And, for the past two years too!

A hard A+ from me to all of you, and all the comic book creators supporting this con. I hope there’s more in the years to come too. I suspect there might.


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