The X-Men To Go Back To The Mojoverse, Revealed At 2017 Diamond Summit

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The Marvel meeting at the Diamond Summit in Chicago just broke. Press and phones were banned from the presentation to comic book retailers, and it seems much of this was to try and keep the fans thinking about Secret Empire rather than the Marvel Legacy and Make Mine Marvel stuff that is to follow it.

But we’re an ornery sort here at Bleeding Cool. So, as well as talking about all that stuff, we’re also going to look at the news that the X-Men are returning to the Mojoverse.

Mojo is the multi-dimensional reality TV producer to plays with realities like Simon Cowell with the lives of contestants. In many ways, it envisioned the rise of reality TV, decades before Big Brother, and has only become more relevant with time.

The character first appeared in Longshot, created by Ann Nocenti and Art Adams, only for the character and backstory to be grabbed by the X-Men offices and integrated into the line. Mojo was prominent in Secret Wars and his role on X-Men Legacy was picked up and transformed in the Legion TV show into something else entirely.

But in the comics? He’s back. And the X-Men have an appointment…

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