Retailers Just Got To See The Inhumans TV Trailer During The Closed Marvel Presentation At The 2017 Diamond Summit

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The Marvel meeting at the Diamond Summit in Chicago just broke. Press and phones were banned from the presentation to comic book retailers, and it wasn’t just so that no retailer would get a recording of another Marvel exec talking about¬†diversity.

They also all got to see the Inhumans TV show trailer.

I am expecting lots of commentary and will update as it comes in. But currently it;s just…”Not much to it but we did see Black Bolt in costume.”

“Not much to it but we did see Black Bolt in costume.”

UPDATE: Another tells me:

“No final footage, just shots of them filming and short blurbs from some of the actors and producers. David Gabriel (Marvel SVP- Sales and Marketing) fought to have that footage here and that’s why Marvel TV had the security checking for electronic devices.”

This is the best we unfortunate muggles have so far…

You can follow more of our Diamond Summit coverage here.


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