‘Injustice 2’ Finally Does Brainiac And Gets It Right

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I’m trying to put my eyes back in my skull this morning after seeing the latest Injustice 2 trailer featuring the primary storyline with Brainiac. Primarily because it’s clear from the tone that he is voiced by Jeffrey Combs. If you don’t know Jeffrey Combs, shame on you, DC fanboy! He was the former voice of The Question in Justice League Unlimited, as well as his most famous TV role as Weyoun on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Which makes him the perfect sinister yet rational voice for a character like Brainiac. So much death and destructions looks to be on the way for earth, it may not seem so unreasonable that some primary characters will die in this game. There’s so much to love about this trailer that wasting time describing it in a paragraph wouldn’t do it justice, so please, just enjoy the trailer while we geek out.

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