Comic Stores To Get Their Own Cosmic Cubes From Marvel To Promote Secret Empire

Posted by April 20, 2017 Comment

red_skull_cosmic_cubeThe Marvel meeting at the Diamond Summit in Chicago just broke. Press and phones were banned from the presentation to comic book retailers, so we are piecing things together like crystals of a cosmic cube, trying to work out what went down.

Well, we are told that to promote Secret Empire, retailers will receive a number of Cosmic Cubes as promotional items to hand out, so people can use them to try and change the current reality back to something else if they wish. Just like the Allies did back in 1945…

They also showed off the previously announced lenticular backing boards that switch from SHIELD to Hydra.

You can Facebook Messenger m.mespiderman or Twitter dm@spideman to talk with Spider-Man about Secret Empire. There’s no way that can go wrong, right?

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(Last Updated April 20, 2017 5:31 pm )