Twitch Announces Two New League Of Legends Directory Features

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Twitch announced two new discovery features to more easily navigate the high volume of League of Legends channels.

Starting today, a new user interface will appear at the top of the League of Legends directory, which viewers can use to sort by the rank of player accounts and filter by the champions played. Twitch is also working with League of Legends developer Riot Games to time the feature with the launch of two new League of Legends champions, Xayah and Rakan, who will be playable for the first time when these features go live. This marks the first time any platform has leveraged metadata from League of Legends in this fashion, ushering in a whole new way to navigate all that LOL content.

In addition to watching the best League of Legends players in action, scores of fans take to Twitch to hone their gameplay skills. This was the impetus for Twitch to make the League of Legends category easier to navigate. With the new features, players can learn more about the various levels of ranked play by sorting streams by rank, as well as studying up on the array of champions, including the two latest additions.

“Based on minutes watched, League of Legends is the most popular game on Twitch, and has been since we launched,” said JT Gleason, Director, Integration Success, at Twitch. “Given how passionate the Twitch community is about League of Legends, it was important to provide new ways to filter content related to the game that were unique to our platform. It made sense to work with Riot Games to unveil our new metadata features alongside the release of their two new champions.”

In order for League of Legends creators to ensure their streams appear with the correct information, they must link their Twitch accounts with their League of Legends accounts (instructions can be found here).

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