Little Nightmares And Inside Exclusive Package Deal

banner_little_nightmares_inside_en, a digital distribution platform with curated selection of DRM-free games, alongside Bandai Namco Entertainment and Tarsier Studios announced a special deal for Little Nightmares. If you buy the game either during the pre-order period or within the first two weeks after its release, you will also get a download for Inside from Playdead.

Little Nightmares, created by Swedish game developer Tarsier Studios, presents a dark yet whimsical tale that will have players confront their childhood fears as they help Six – a girl dressed in a yellow raincoat, escape the jaws of The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal.

Inside, is the award winning 2D puzzle platformer created by Playdead, independent game developer and publisher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It's a story about a haunted boy, who finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. The game won plenty of industry awards including The Games Awards 2016 for Best Independent Game, and four BAFTA Awards for Original Property, Game Design, Artistic Achievement and Narrative.

The combo package does make some sense given that both indie games feature an exceptional art style and game design that take players on grim adventures through some pretty unreal worlds. Tarsier and Playdead decided to put weight on narrative aspects of their games, telling compelling stories so that's another point in their favor. And they both feature child protagonists, so really, packaging the two games together is a solid move.

Speaking about the decision, Dave Mervik, Senior Narrative Designer at Tarsier Studios, praising Playdead's award winning game "Inside is a perfect example of the great things that can happen if you follow your passions and trust your instincts. We are proud to bask in their shadow!"

The exclusive offer on Little Nightmares + Inside is now available at for 19.99 USD / 15.99 GBP / 19.99 EUR / 26.99 AUD. Little Nightmares is set to release later this month on April 28th, but if you pre-order the pack you'll receive Inside right away. The special offer will be available exclusively on, during Little Nightmares pre-order period and two weeks after its release, until May 12.

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