Hell Hath No Fury Than A Comic Shop Owner Scorned Of A Trash Monster By Gentle Giant


How did you know this was going to be about Dennis Barger?

Retailer of two stores in Michigan, Barger is a long time collector and dealer in comics and comic-related… stuff. He was set up at Star Wars Celebration last week and had a few deals to make. Such as picking up the Star Wars Trash Monster figure from Gentle Giant, a licensed manufacturer of such items.

He lucked out getting the right wristband to buy one for the first few days and on the last day, he was in. He stood in line with other lucky folk and discovered that those in front wanted things other than the Trash Monster. So he made a deal with the person in front to trade something with them if they were to buy one, and with the people behind to do the same, leaving him with three such statues – one for him and two to resell in the store.

However, after having done the deal with the first person, he went to buy his own. And Gentle Giant not only wouldn’t let him, but their employee Daniel Pickett knew who Dennis Barger was and insisted “one per person”. Dennis says he tried to point out that the person he’d just dealt with was one person and he was another, but he was told “Dennis, stop trying to game the system.”

Well. When he got back home, he had a clearout. He writes,

Oh btw, confirmed all orders canceled with Gentle Giant, Ltd, most of their crap is over a year late, bye bye $6,000 life-sized Vader, Super Power, GI Joe, Secret Wars and Star Wars figs. When I get back from C2E2 I’ll snap a pic of my personal collection that is getting dumped on Amazon. Everything must and will go. Oh and tally for the last 3 years of orders was over $7,000 from Diamond… way to treat a good customer Gentle Giant Collectibles. Thank Daniel Pickett for me.

You can see his whole story here… skip the quiet bit. You’ll know something’s wrong because Dennis is talking and you can’t hear anything…

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