Diamond Comic Distributors Claims A Reduction In Damages With New Olive Branch System


As Diamond Comic Distributors’ inventory hub, Olive Branch, MS has been undergoing a number of changes of late.

Two months ago, they instigated a new system in which reorders are counted repeatedly, then packed together in as few boxes as possible to reduce freight costs for customers and reduce damages.

As a result, Diamond’s Vice President of Operations John Wurzer reports that shortages and damage percentages on ┬ádirect-ship reorders, are down significantly, as well as orders that go to the wrong place.

However, there has been an increase in delayed and cancelled orders, as the new system is yet to be fully implemented. They are yet to have enough “pick faces” – outward facing places where orders can be hand picked from or added to incomplete orders. And so orders are delayed or sent out incomplete (although at least Diamond know they are incomplete.)

Diamond are currently expanding the “pick face” spaces by another 8500 and hope that will solve the issue. And thank retailers for their patience.

So, retailers, what experiences have you been having of late? Have you noticed a reduction in damages, too many box shipments and the like?

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