Gathering All The Big Valiant Previews From Across The Internet – Quantum And Woody And Stephen Colbert

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We’ll be updating the many previews running out onto the net as the Valiant Summit goes on. Check out all of the announcements from the Valiant Summit here. Updating…

Quantum & Woody returns with Stephen Colbert writer Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano over at Vulture.

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Ninja-K from Tomas Giorello and Christos Gage over at EW, as they run through Ninja-A, Ninja-B etc up to Ninja-K…


Eternity by Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine – Divinity has a kid. But Eternity is not a person, it’s a place. From AV Club. And a whole new pantheon for the Valiant Universe

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Bloodshot Salvation by Jeff Lemire, Lewis Larosa and Mico Suayan “So, Bloodshot will not longer be going up against the alt-right or any white supremacists in this series. That stuff was feeling very heavy-handed.” from IGN.

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Faith And The Future Force by Jody Houser, Steven Segovia and Barry Kitson from Mashable. With Neela the Time Walker giving Faith her own time travel story.

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Secret Weapons by Eric Heisserer, Raul Allen and Patricia Martin from io9.


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