Don’t Like Losing Stamina As You Climb In ‘Breath Of The Wild’? A Trick To Regain While Climbing Was Cut

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It happens all the time in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, especially when the game suddenly decides it needs to rain for no good reason. You’re looking for something, you see a cliffside, you decide to hike it, and just before you reach the top… you’re out of stamina and you go crashing to the ground without even enough to hold your glider. It is, by far, the dumbest thing going for the game as there are many places where you need a large stamina wheel and there are no resting points. Well, you can get even angrier at Nintendo for this, because according to a Gamespot interview with art director Satoru Takizawa and game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi, there were plans to help your bar go back up while hiking.


At one point in development, there was going to be a trick where you could stab your weapon into the wall of whatever you were climbing and dangle from it in order to regain your stamina. Neat concept, right? It would have made a lot of those trips up canyon walls a little easier to deal with. Unfortunately, those plans were scrapped by Nintendo’s president, Shigeru Miyamoto. As Fujibayashi explains:

“So the answer is that Mr. Miyamoto heard of the concept he said, ‘You can’t stand on the tip of a sword. This is strange.’ And then we explained, ‘No no no, you stab it in.’ Then he’s like, ‘No, it’s not going to work.’ Another idea is that it’s very hard to actually stab a sword into a big piece of rock. We considered that you can stab them into cracks or crevices in the wall, but then you can’t freely use that feature anywhere you want, so I decided not to implement it. … So starting from the early stages of development we had been constantly showing Mr. Miyamoto our progress. At times we would even show him once a week what we’d been working on, because if we don’t do that, and then go face-to-face and present the idea, tables might be flipped!’”

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