Deadpool Can Regenerate His “Cable,” Says Creator Rob Liefeld

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The strength of Deadpool’s healing factor is well known, and while we’re pretty sure everyone already knew this and fairly certain its even happened in canon before, this headline was too good to pass up. In a recent interview with Inverse, Deadpool creator and superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld set the record straight when asked whether Deadpool can regenerate his, er… his “Cable.”

“Yes, yes,” Liefeld said. “We would never, ever live in a world where Deadpool can’t regenerate his own cock and balls.”

Liefeld also said that Wolverine can do it too, but suggested that it would be different for Wolverine because his skeleton is coated with adamantium, which we suppose also confirms that Wolverine has a bone in his penis. Well, in one of them, at least.

Inverse wasn’t done though, continuing to press Liefeld on the issue. Particularly, they wanted to know if Deadpool and Wolverine’s foreskin would grow back in the event it was snipped off. “People always ask me: If you cut off Deadpool’s head, would he generate a new body? Or would the body generate a new head?” Liefeld answered. “He would generate a new head, and I’m telling you, he would generate a new head.”

Just one more reason we’d hate to be Deadpool or Wolverine’s Rabbi.

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