Now You Can Lean The Na’vi Language At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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If you’re heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this summer to check out Pandora, don’t worry. Disney World will have you covered with official Na’vi translator devices.

The Na’vi have no written language, but these cards will act as physical Google translators for those looking for an easy way to speak Na’vi. You’ll learn up to 90 words with interchangeable cards, and the device lights up at night for all you night time explorers. The initial set will have 15 cards as well as a device that can clasp to your backpack. Additional cards can be purchased in packs of 8 around the Animal Kingdom (and likely Disney Springs) park. No word on the cost yet, but I’d be willing to guess $25 for the initial set and maybe $10 for the card packs.


While this may be a tempting deal for Florida residents or those with an Annual Pass, if you only go to Disney World once a year or less I wouldn’t buy these. There are better ways to utilize and spend your money in the park.


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