It’s Limited To One Per Customer. But Midtown Comics Is Still Selling X-Men Gold #1 For Cover Price (UPDATE)

Posted by April 12, 2017 Comment

With copies selling for up to $30 each on eBay and $50 each on Amazon Marketplace, with comic stores selling out and a second print on it;s way, there is a lot of demand for the first printing of hidden anti-Jewish/Christian numerology on behalf of a now-fired artist, Ardian Syaf.

Well, Midtown Comics still has copies. And, not wanting to profit too much from such expressions of hatred, they are selling it for cover price. And to prevent others from making too much money by flipping them online, they are limiting the comic to one per person.

Though they are selling the 1:1000 Jim Lee variant cover for $1600…


UPDATE: No sooner have we posted, than Midtown doubles it to $10. Sorry folks. The Rich Twitch there, I think.


Oh look, they have a Stan Lee-signed version. Can we get Stan to hide his own secret messages in each issue?

(Last Updated April 12, 2017 3:30 pm )