Battle Princess Madelyn Has Added A Bespoke Arcade Cabinet To Its Rewards Tier


Casual Bit Games are in the final days of their Kickstarter campaign for the Ghouls N’ Ghosts-like Battle Princess Madelyn. The game is now 308% funded and Casual Bit are looking to clear their last few stretch goals. The only remaining goal as of press time was for the animated intro and ending to the game, set for $200,000 CAD.

Battle Princess Madelyn‘s Kickstarter has been absolutely overwhelming, and the demand for our physical PS4 tier (with a Kickstarter exclusive cover), that we’re able to offer thanks to our friends at Limited Run Games, has been unprecedented. We’ve also already established a fabulous community for our game and we can’t wait to share more about the game with everyone as the development pace picks up,” said Christopher Obritsch, Creative Director at Casual Bit Games. “We’re hoping to achieve some final stretch goals, and now pleased to reveal that we’ve added a final tier. This is for an arcade bespoke cabinet, built, and designed for the true collector by the incredibly Arcade Europe.”


Battle Princess Madelyn‘s campaign ends on April 14th and is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and the Switch in early 2018. You can go ahead and check out the Kickstarter campaign here before it expires in a few days, or even get in on the action if you chose to fund the project. You can still download the game’s alpha build on Steam or on IndieDB. It’s enjoyed an insane amount of success, being over 300% funded, and the project was fully funded in just five days of it’s campaign launch.

Having gotten my hands on the alpha, it’s definitely a retro-throwback that manages to capture all of the charm of the original Ghouls N’ Ghosts while still being incredibly unique. It’s a solid side-scrolling action game that is 100% destined to end up in an arcade.

Not going to lie, even though I don’t have the space for it, that arcade cabinet is pretty darn tempting. And it can be yours for $9999 CAD (about $7437 USD or so).

Battle Princess Madelyn Arcade Cabinet

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