Syfy’s Next Episode Of Cosplay Melee Spotlights The World Of Futuristic Video Games

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Syfy’s freshman season of Cosplay Melee has it’s fourth episode coming up Tuesday and the tension remains twofold as the audience holds it’s breath to find out who will win, and at the same time producers hold their breath as they see if they’ll get the nod to move forward with a second season.

Rumors before the April 4th episode were that the go/no-go call would be made based on the results of that evening’s viewership but so far no one has been talking. So while we wait, get a fresh set of four skilled cosplayers to battle it out for a $10,000 grand prize. This week’s episode title is “War Games”.  Host Yvette Nicole Brown tosses down the gauntlet to create a character that would feel like it would step out of each cosplayer’s favorite futuristic video game.

The four contestants this week are:

Josh from Cosplay Armory selected Fallout for his inspiration.

Becka from Becka Noel Cosplay‘s favorite game is Star Trek Online, so she creates a character to fit in amongst the Federation.

Cait aka Caitlyn Culpepper chooses an Overwatch-themed character.

And then last but definitely not least, Steven from SKS Props descended on a Guardian from Destiny.

Brown gives the first round challenge of having eight hours to build each character’s signature weapon which should be designed to fully integrate into their full exoskeleton in the second round.

High-Tech gaming characters denotes lights and tech, so there’s more illumination gear in any one of this episode’s costumes then we’ve seen in all of the costumes in the first three episodes combined.

We’ve got an exclusive clip of Josh working with EVA foam for his forearm element for his weapon!

So if you’re a fan of cosplay, either as a costumer yourself, or as someone who’s fascinated about how individuals can take floor mats and turn them into powered battle-armor, don’t miss it. Otherwise Syfy might go back to the well and force another season of Fangasm on us.

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