Dreamfall Chapters On Console Delayed Because “Early May Is Much Better”

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The other day I wrote up a bit on how the highly-anticipated console port of Dreamfall Chapters was quietly delayed with none being the wiser as to why. So naturally, I’d reached out to Red Thread Games and their publisher Starbreeze Studios for a quote. Well, the Red Thread twitter got back to me, saying “The release date change was a ‘strategic decision’ — March was a busy month for games. Early May is much better!”

And I can’t say I exactly disagree with that statement. March has become a very busy month for games in the last few years, almost as hectic as the pre-Black Friday run, but without as much noise on the FPS side of things. As some have come to know it, March is the dumping-ground for delayed games as it allows devs a few more months of time while still hitting those previous fiscal year sales. Granted, not every company runs their fiscal year on a April-March basis anymore and Starbreeze is one of those publishers. For Starbreeze, March is part of the first quarter for the new year now that they’ve adapted a fiscal year that matches the calendar year. So Dreamfall Chapters was never going to hit their 2016 numbers, which were incredibly well bolstered thanks to asymmetrical horror multiplayer Dead by Daylight. So yeah, why not delay Dreamfall to later in the year?

But you do have to wonder why May, because May’s also a pretty busy month for games this year. May releases include PreyFairpoint on VR, Injustice 2, and Rime. Granted, more will likely be added as we get closer to May, but it isn’t exactly the most easy month. Fewer numbers but Prey and Injustice 2 make for steep competition.

There’s also Starbreeze’s other titles in development to consider. Perhaps Dreamfall was delayed to make up for the release of a different game Starbreeze is publishing, like, say Agents of Mayhem which was originally pegged for Spring 2017 but is now releasing in late August?

We probably won’t ever know. Still, it would have been nice if anyone felt like telling all those Longest Journey fans without a gaming PC that they’d be waiting a few more months for their game. I’m sure they’d have appreciated it.

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