SEGA & WWE Form New Partnership For Mobile App Game And Tour

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WWE’s mobile games are okay at best. The latest game they’ve been promoting is WWE Champions, which is an PRG puzzle game that allows you to perform moves by clearing lines and level your character up as you play other people in the game. On the surface it looks alright, but there’s something lacking to it. And that’s kind of the way all WWE apps are (aside from the network) as they’re cool looking but don’t quite have the sizzle. But that may get a quick change very soon.


Today the company announced it was partnering with SEGA to release a new mobile app called Tap Mania, and that they’ll be headed on the road with it. The press release doesn’t go into a lot of details beyond the idea that they’re happy to be working together, but if they’re truly going to start taking the game on the road, our best guess is they’ll be giving fans a chance to play test it at live events and TV tapings to work out bugs before it goes live. It’ll be interesting to see what Sega does with the title as it boasts to have old and new WWE superstars as part of the game, which means a lot of legends and current talent possibilities to mix it up. The game will be released for iOS and Android phones later this year, Sega is expected to reveal details in the coming months.

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