As Lion Forge Joins Diamond’s FOC, Here’s A Long Look At Catalyst Prime’s Noble

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noble-coverLion Forge is the latest comic book publisher to join Diamond’s Final Order Cut-Off scheme, in which retailers can adjust their orders up or down, without penalty, for a longer period ahead of the comic being published.

And they will be starting with Noble #1 by Brandon Thomas, Roger Robinson and Juan Fernandez, the first monthly title that’s part of their Catalyst Prime superhero line showrun by Joe Illidge.


“We’re very pleased that Lion Forge has joined our FOC program,” says Diamond Vice President of Purchasing, Tim Lenaghan. “The change is a welcome one, and shows our level of confidence in Lion Forge providing quality publishing products for our retailers in a timely manner.”

Which means that Noble #1 has a FOC date of April 10th (5pm ET for phone, 11.45pm ET online)and will be published on May 3rd.

“Diamond’s support for our expanding publishing efforts gives us greater opportunities to engage retailers in a meaningful way with the most up to date information before they need to commit to our titles,” declared Geoff Gerber, Lion Forge’s President. “As we introduce new and different content to the market this year, we are thrilled that our retail partners will have more information when they are making their decisions.”

Noble#1 picks up one year after “The Event”, making its debut on Free Comic Book Day, about former missing astronaut David Powell who returns with dangerous new abilities and no memory of the man he once was. While desperately trying to regain his identity, David quickly finds himself a man on the run from shadowy forces as well as his forgotten past.

Take a look… you have four days till FOC.

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Oh and #2  has a new cover….



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