Injustice 2’s New Trailer Delves Into The Society

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Nether Realm Studios dropped Injustice 2’s Shattered Alliances Part 4 trailer today. The new spot delves into the origins of the villainous alliance known as  The Society. Led by the genius telepath Gorilla Grodd, The Society brings together Bane, Cheetah, Catwoman, Captain Cold, Deadshot, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and other assorted DC super-villains as they fight to fill the power void left by Superman’s defeat.

It’s a pretty short trailer, as most so far have been, and as usual after a short bit of story and intercut scenes, we end up seeing a ton of beatdowns. This time, the villains get to triumph and show off some of their movesets. Captain cold, Scarecrow, and Deadshot are definitely the breakout stars of this one. However, watching Gorilla Grodd pound Batman’s face into the ground a few times is definitely viscerally satisfying. It’s pretty reminiscent of that “puny god” scene from the first Avengers movie, you know the one.

We also get to see some more of the Reverse Flash here, which is interesting, since it’s just a skin for the The Flash. Still, looks pretty fun.

Still, satisfying as hell. The trailer ends with some nice text for us, reading “hatred conquers all,” which really could be stronger, I think. Sure, the DC villains are often filled with hate, but there’s more to them than that. Then again, this is a trailer for a fighting game, so I should probably go take my “subtle character nuance” criticism elsewhere.

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