Rick And Morty Light A Fire Under Internets Butts: Szechuan Sauce To Return?

Remember back in 1998 when McDonalds released a special edition Szechuan sauce to celebrate Disney’s Mulan? You likely forgot about it, but this past weekend the season 3 premier episode of Rick and Morty reminded everyone that the sauce existed, and the internet lost its shit. I vaguely remember this myself, and I couldn’t tell you if I liked the sauce or not. Either way McDonalds heard the cries of people everywhere, resulting in one hopeful tweet from one corporate McDonalds chef:

So rejoice Rick. You won’t have to spend 9 seasons looking for this sauce. Your one man army has hopefully seen victory. And while many people are speculating that McDonalds will likely do this for the upcoming Mulan live action film, that’s not going to happen. Disney and McDonalds parted ways in 2006, due to Disney not wanting to be a contributor to childhood obesity. Instead you can now find Disney toys at Subway.


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