Forbidden Planet Opposes Dark Horse Comics Trademark For Forbidden Worlds

61-ahc7ayqlDark Horse Comics publishes the Forbidden World archives, collecting the 19509s anthology that featured the works of Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Frank Frazetta, Ogden Whitney and many more.

They’ve also sought to trademark the name.

However, it is opposed by Forbidden Planet – or rather Forbidden Planet IP Holdings,  the company that represents the trademark of the comic book chain that is famously split across two companies, Forbidden Planet and Forbidden Planet International. They have requested of the US trademark authorities time to prepare a legal opposition to the trademark’s registration.

Not often a comic book store goes tow to toe with a publisher – not legally anyway. Was the last time the Brian Hibbs class action lawsuit back in 2002 that resulted in Marvel establishing the FOC system?

Think so…

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