Who Will Defend Event Comics? Writer Of Marvel’s Secret Empire, Nick Spencer, Will


Event comics have taken a little bit of a beating this weekend. For one thing, they were frequently presented in rebuttals as an alternative reason for Marvel’s October sales slump to Marvel SVP Sales and Marketing David Gabriel’s comments about people not wanting any more diversity. There was also Gabriel’s revelation of Marvel’s plans to use events to reinvigorate the sales of events which are themselves supposed to reinvigorate the sales of the rest of the line, which many people mistook for an April Fools prank. But maybe super-mega-crossover events aren’t all bad.

Isn’t there anyone who will champion the cause of event comics?



Thank you, Nick Spencer. You aren’t the hero comics deserves, but you’re the one we need right now.

Spencer also had something to say about event sales:



And on variants:




And on the cleverness of retailers:




Would anyone else like to weigh in?


And also:

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