Marvel’s Mark Waid Weighs In On Face Punching Debate, Not For Nazis, But For Bleeding Cool Reporters

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Mark Waid is the writer of high profile books such as Champions and Avengers for Marvel, a veteran of three decades in comics, a former Editor-in-Chief, a digital comics company founder, and the owner of a comic shop.

He also has some thoughts on Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel. Specifically, how difficult it must be for Gabriel not to inflict physical violence on a Bleeding Cool reporter for… reporting the things he said in an interview.

Ouch! That’s a lot of likes! Amongst them Marvel editor Jordan White and CBR founder Jonah Weiland?! Jonah, we said we were sorry about the golf cart!

One person who doesn’t entirely agree with the sentiment that a person should be physically assaulted for saying critical things about a comic book publisher, even if those things are frustrating, is Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer, who tweets:

And then Tom Brevoort chimed in:

Or maybe he just doesn’t want to be punched in the face by comics industry professionals.

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