Love ‘Earthbound’ and ‘Undertale’? ‘Knuckle Sandwich’ May Be Your Next Game

I’m an Earthbound guy, and when Undertale came out I felt right at home in the story and the gameplay. Those type of RPG’s are a rare find these days when everyone is trying to outdo each other int he graphics department and keep forgetting that a single cohesive story can do wonders. Enter Andrew Brophy, who is currently working on a similar looking game called Knuckle Sandwich.


The description for the game is basic but mirrors that of similar RPGs: “Knuckle Sandwich is an RPG about a boy who moves out of home and starts looking for work in a new city. After landing a job at a run-down diner, he accidentally gets wrapped up in a missing person’s mystery that involves a local crime gang and a fanatical cult.” A brand new trailer for the game dropped yesterday and what little we see of the game looks pretty cool. No firm release date yet, but here’s hoping we’ll get a beta sometime soon!

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