In Next Week's Batman, We Will Discover Bruce Wayne's Real Name (SPOILERS)

In Next Week’s Batman, We Will Discover Bruce Wayne’s Real Name (SPOILERS)

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Bruce Wayne, international playboy billionaire, inheritor of the Wayne fortune, with the superpower of being very rich. And creating the Batman identity, a masked vigilante patrolling the streets of Gotham with the kind of hhigh-tech solutions that could end poverty in the city but instead is used to beat those who turn to crime because of poverty.


We’ve always known him as Bruce Wayne, but I understand that in next week’s Batman comic by Tom King and David Finch, we will discover his real name.

No, not Bruce Wayne.

But Bruce Thomas Wayne.

Thomas Wayne was Bruce Wayne’s father, and in the Flashpoint series, became Batman after his son’s death.


In previous comic books, he has been known as Bruce Anthony Wayne in Batman: Holy Terror.


Bruce Foster WayneBatman Chronicles #21.


and Bruce Thomas WayneBatman Adventures #14 (2004).


All these are alternate universe versions, however. And he certainly won’t be Bruce Avril Wayne either.

But it’s that final one which is becoming canon in the DC Universe this week. Bruce Thomas Wayne. After his dad…



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