348 Pages Of Classic Archie In Archie: Best Of 2016 Digest

348 Pages Of Classic Archie In Archie: Best Of 2016 Digest

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If you’re reading this you already know that Archie turned 75 last year. He’s arguably the best looking 75 year old ever. To celebrate, Archie Comics has released this digital digest.

According to their press release:

75 Years of Archie… and that’s just the beginning! Archie celebrated his milestone 75th anniversary in 2016, with tons of new stories, new series and new faces – all gearing up toward the historic launch of the CW’s Riverdale TV series in early 2017. While things were ever-evolving in the Archie Universe, one thing held true: the Archie Comics Double Digests were still a constant source of hilarious tales – from hiccups in Archie’s dating life to fun takes on new trends – that everyone could enjoy. This 348-page digital exclusive is your chance to take a look at some of the most memorable Archie stories from the year 2016!


That’s pretty cool of the company to do, but these are reprints of stories that were released fairly recently. If you own digests from 2016 you have seen these stories before. The bulk of them are from Dan Parent, but we also have some in here from writer Craig Boldman and artists Pat & Tim Kennedy, such as “Jughead and Archie in Snow Struck”.


This particular story was published in Jughead and Archie Comics Winter Annual #18 from January 2016. It’s a cute story about Archie trying to impress Veronica with a snow sculpture based on her. We also get stories from Fernando Ruiz, such as “Keep It Clean”. Jughead is dressed to the 9’s for school picture day, but his mom fears he won’t be able to “keep it clean” before he gets to school. Mrs. Jones begs Archie to make sure Jughead stays neat and tidy, but things don’t really go their way.

All of the stories in here happy, ideal Archie endings. White picket fences are in tact, no ones twin has turned up dead in a river, and Jughead is not a zombie nor a werewolf. Which come to think of I’m starting to prefer…


If you’re already a fan of classic Archie and do buy every digest the company puts out, you may not get much out of this. It’s a $7 digital exclusive which may be nice for those of you who read off of a tablet or other device, and  it’s ideal for new fans coming off of Riverdale. But for the rest of us? This may be a hard pass.

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