No Place Like Comics For Angelo Tirotto

No Place Like Comics For Angelo Tirotto

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Angelo Tirotto writes,

Hello, my name is Angelo, I am the writer of Image Comics’ horror comic, No Place Like Home. It’s been a while since I spoke to the world about comics and I am well and truly ready to share new stories and ideas with you. I wasn’t sure how to write this but I was always told, when trying to promote something, not to start the pitch with “This is not a…” or proclaim “…with a difference” so, with that said…

This is not another ‘Pimp my Patreon post’ it’s a Patreon with a difference.

Why is it different? Well, alongside all the normal stuff you’d expect from a comic book creator’s Patreon page, such as access to Patron only content, behind the scenes work, articles on comic creation and early access to all the comic books I plan to publish, I want to try something new. I want to help other creators get their work out there too.

A little backstory. Image Comics published No Place Like Home a few years back and the book did pretty well, issue-wise, but the trade paperback could have done better. Shortly after the No Place Like Home trade paperback was published, I took a break from comics due to unforeseen life events and No Place Like Home was put on hiatus. Had I known more about how the industry works, I would have done things very differently.


However, I really wanted to put more comics out but didn’t want to rush into it. Because of this, I spent the next few years developing my comic projects, making sure I understood the business of comics itself and sharpening my skills to a level I felt good enough to start sharing with the world again. I wanted to be confident that I could give readers my best work, at the highest quality and on time.

Over the next couple of years, I spent considerable time helping other budding creators with their scripts, story and character building as well as advising and helping them put their own pitches together, lettering or helping them refine the mechanics of making comics. It was a lot of fun and I discovered I really enjoyed being, for all intents and purposes, an editor. It’s something I would really love to start doing on a regular basis, alongside creating my own comics, which brings us to why I am here pimping my Patreon… with a difference.

Rather than settle with just sharing my own work, I want to help Patreons share theirs too. Built into the higher reward tiers (OK, it’s not entirely selfless but we all gotta pay them bills, you know), I’m offering my skills and experience to fellow comic book creators trying to break into the comic book industry. From lettering, script, story and pitch appraisals to full comic book editor services, there is a reward tier for everyone, for fan and creator alike. I even have comic book logo and graphic design on offer too!

It’s not easy breaking into the comic book industry, and even harder having a long successful career within it. Even though I had a lot of help from my mentor Ian Churchill (artist of Supergirl, Uncanny X-Men, Cable and Marineman, to name but a few), if I knew then what I know now it may have have been a lot less rockier road and I would have had a better chance at working full time in comics. This is why the core of my Patreon will be to help others and not just a vehicle to get my own books out there.

One of my ultimate goals is the Patreon Only Comic Book Pitch Anthology. Through Patreon, I plan to publish and distribute a regular anthology collecting my Patreon’s pitch work to share with other creators who are in the process or are considering pitching and for publishers looking for the next great comic. I think it’s a great idea and I am really excited at the possibilities, so, if this appeals to you or someone you know, send them my way!


As for my own comic work, I plan to continue No Place Like Home, finally release Manwolfs, featuring a motley crew of bohemian, beer drinking, skateboarding, anti-corporate, fun loving extroverts, Andolini, a brutal, modern day mafia tale and Maleficium, a 1980s set, dark and spooky murder mystery comic about a dead witch, a female hypochondriac werewolf and a 2,500 year old mummified Egyptian princess with a bad attitude and a gutter mouth. Lots of interesting stories to suit many different tastes.

So, if you are an aspiring comic creator, an avid comic book reader, or just want to show your support, visit my Patreon page to find out more or drop me a line if you have any questions, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

You can find me on Patreon at or my website Take a look, I’d really appreciate your time and support.

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