Kobe Bryant Is Working Through Some Stuff With Puppets For ESPN

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Kobe Bryant is working through some stuff everybody. The 5-time NBA champion has appeared in videos for ESPN with a puppet named Little Momba (get it?) to tell all of us what it means to have what he refers to as his “Musecage”. What is a Musecage you ask? Here, I will let him explain first.

Umm…what? Man, if that is what it took for Kobe to play at such a high level, then I am not sure if it was worth it, because he is clearly still wishing he was playing basketball, as evidenced by the other half of this video.

That’s right kids: if you want to dominate at the highest level, you need to not only hate all of your peers, but yourself as well! I mean, is that what he heard in his head when he played? I actually feel kinda sorry for him. And in the second video, why is he describing how to destroy Russell Westbrook and James Harden? Is it because he can’t do it himself anymore? He is straight up nasty breaking down this footage. And how about that shade thrown at LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, etc.? Why not cover all of his favorties (enemies) at the same time? If he wants a studio job, (which I have to say, he would probably be good at judging by the way he breaks down this game film) why does he need a puppet friend and the most depressing animation ever to do it? WHAT ARE HIS LIGHT MUSINGS?????

To be honest though, I like Little Mamba. I feel sorry for him that Kobe corrupted him by telling him the only way he could get better at basketball is to be sad and depressing and full of self-hate.

This is only part TWO of his “Canvas” series. This took him 5 months.

I cannot wait for the rest.


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