Anarki Comes To The Battle Arena Of Quake Champions

Anarki Comes To The Battle Arena Of Quake Champions

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Quake Champions is an upcoming FPS developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks as part of the Quake series of multiplayer shooters. Quake Champions is currently set for release on Windows sometime this year.  The game is set to feature a large quantity of playable characters with their own unique skill-sets in a “fast paced arena based shooter,”essentially it’s a PC-only MOBA. Today’s trailer shows off the third Champion, Anarki. Because some days you just want to tear apart the whole government, right?

Yes, Anarki is a transhuman punk, so clearly Anarki is pronounced the same as anarchy. He’s got a hoverboard and looks like Sid Vicious with a wicked robot arm. Don’t let the bulky gun he’s toting fool you, Anarki’s speed is what gives him the an edge in combat.


His character bio says a whole lot about what the devs think of anarchist punks, though. “Anarki’s rebellion began with the usual self-vandalism, but he craved something greater, and found it in transhumanism. Addiction, injury, disease… Why tolerate flesh if he could replace it? Using family riches, he underwent increasingly extreme cybernetic surgeries.” Kind of makes you want to take your destructive self and set fire to the id Software studios, huh?

Anarki will be available in the upcoming closed beta alongside Scalebearer and Nyx.

Quake Champions will be the first main entry in the Quake series since 2005’s Quake 4. The closed beta for Quake Champions starts on April 6th. Sign-up for the beta is still open and you can join the list here.

You can watch the Anarki Champion trailer below.

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