'Minecraft' Devs Assure Players That Discovery Update Is Not The End Of The Game

‘Minecraft’ Devs Assure Players That Discovery Update Is Not The End Of The Game

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A panic that has been worrying some loyal Minecraft people is that the new 1.1 Discovery Update that’s on the way could be the last update for the game as a whole. The game has been out for five and a half years, and like many sandbox games before it, there’s usually a point where the developers get tired of the old and start focusing on a new model. So of course, fans started freaking out that this would be the end for the game. However, Marsh Davies took to the site’s blog this morning to assure fans that those fears were unfounded.


“It’s not called The Discovery Update for no reason: there are many mysterious and wondrous things to uncover. Barter with a cartographer for a treasure map, sling your supplies into a llama’s pack (or into a shulker box) and embark on an epic quest to locate the dank and dangerous forest mansion! Does your route take you across an impassable river? The Enchantment of Frostwalking will solve that problem! Meanwhile, the Enchantment of Mending will keep your swordblade sharp no matter how many mobs you slay along the way. Defeat the sinister illagers who lurk within the mansion and make off with their precious loot – the Totem of Undying – and cheat death as you throw yourself into further peril!”

The blog post also gave players a glimpse into what they can expect from the update, including better treasure maps and an adventure mode. But we’re still waiting for Minecraft’s debut on the Nintendo Switch, which was slated for 2017.

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