The Flash Learns That Magic Is Not Your Friend

This article will contain spoilers for the Flash episode – Abra Kadabra.







Last night’s episode of The Flash did little to clear up the overall story, if anything, it may have muddied the waters even more. It starts off with Cisco Ramon vibing into the future to see that nothing has changed and Savitar still turns Iris West into a shish-kabob in May. And while everyone is focused on changing the future, stuff still happens in Central City, meaning Joe West, Barry Allen and Julian Albert have to respond to a crime scene. Except the scene is a heist done by Abra Kadabra… a psuedo-magician who uses technology from the 64th century to perform amazing tricks and robberies. Barry doesn’t want to waste time on this guy, so he goes after him immediately, and Kadabra knows all about Barry, Iris and Savitar. He claims to know who Savitar is. But before Flash can capture him, Gypsy appears and Kadabra gets away. This takes place at Kord Industries… so yeah Blue Beetle reference.

We learn from Gypsy that Kadabra is from the future and has been hoping around different Earths now stealing technology and causing a few deaths here and there. We learn later that one of those deaths was Gypsy’s former partner / lover and she has a mad on to bring Kadabra in to be executed. On his next appearance, Barry is able to capture him and put him in a pipeline cell. Kadabra offers the information on Savitar in exchange for being freed. Gypsy is very against that, but Barry starts weighing the options. Before he gets to make that decision, Joe makes it for him, opens the cell and has a gun on Kadabra who is about to say who Savitar is when Gypsy appears, distracting Joe and Kadabra escapes. Both Joe and Gypsy are furious at each other.

Kadabra appears to be pulling off another heist and he gets the response he wants… Flash, Kid-Flash, Gypsy and Vibe all head to confront him. But it’s an illusion and he is back at S.T.A.R. Labs retrieving something from Eobard Thawne’s old secret room. The final piece he needs to make a time machine and go back to the 64th century. While at STAR he sets off an explosion that wounds Caitlin Snow severely. With the ship, he starts to open a wormhole… now why his ship had to fly around the city doesn’t make sense, but it lead to a cool chase scene… but Barry and the team stop him, recapturing him and turning him over to Gypsy. Barry implores him to reveal Savitar’s identity… and Kadabra talks about a handful of villains that take on the Flash in the future, including DeVoe (The Thinker), but how Savitar was the only one to truly break the Flash and now, but not revealing the information, Kadabra feels like he’s part of that.

While all that is happening, Caitlin must talk Julian through operating on her. They could easily just remove her necklace and let her cold powers heal her, but she refuses. Julian does well enough that she is in stable condition. Gypsy leaves with Kadabra. Barry decides he will get the information by going into the future… the boy just doesn’t learn about messing with time. And then we’re back at the Lab with H.R. Wells showing up after mysteriously being gone for two days (this will probably be important) and Caitlin goes into a seizure and dies. Except Julian refuses to let her go and pulls off her necklace, releasing her cold powers. She heals up very quickly, but she is now Killer Frost.

The question of who is Savitar remains to be big. And where a lot of the evidence seems to point to it being future Barry Allen, the disappearance of H.R. seems like it might be important, and then there is something Kadabra said. When he’s first talking about Savitar, he refers to him as ‘the first speedster’. Barry Allen is the first speedster of Earth-1, but Jay Garrick was a speedster long before Barry over on Earth-2. And Savitar was trapped in the Speed Force by Barry, where Jay is now… but they’ve done the mentor becomes big bad twice already so I can’t see them doing it again. Well, we now know that Barry has to save Iris… because they have Hamilton tickets for June.

And some folks think that Kadabra’s dropping the name DeVoe means that Clifford DeVoe / Thinker will be the big bad for season four… he’s not a speedster.

The Flash is off for a few weeks, but will be back on April 25th to show Barry going into the future, meeting himself and seeing the best Flash costume yet.

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