Kieron Gillen To Sign James Bond Comics … On Star Wars Day?

Posted by March 28, 2017 Comment

I feel a disturbance in the Force.

Kieron Gillen is the writer of Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra book, their bestselling female lead title, coming off a critically acclaimed run on Darth Vader.

May the fourth is Star Wars Day. May the fourth… be with you. It’s still funny.

Yet rather than get Kieron Gillen to sign Doctor Aphra or the Darth Vader collections, Forbidden Planet in London has him in store to sign… his James Bond oneshot comic book instead.

Someone’s crossing the streams there (to bring in yet another franchise).

A Forbidden Planet rep tells me “Maybe we’ll put Kieron in a Wookie suit, just to keep up the mood…”

Yes. Someone make this happen. With his regrown beard, he’s halfway there.



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