Dynamite Overships The Sovereigns #0 By Three Times And Give Retailers 90% Off Sovereigns #1

This is how you launch a comic book!

Dynamite Entertainment is launching a new Gold Key line this year, featuring the likes of Magnus, Solar and Turok, beginning with the team book The Sovereigns by Ray Fawkes, Chuck Wendig, Aubrey Sitterson, Kyle Higgins and Johnny Desjardins. But they really want copies in store for readers to be able to try out.


They have decided to triple the print run of The Sovereigns #0, already a double-sized 48 page $1 comic book, and send them out to all stores, three times what was ordered. Which may enable stores to engage in some seriously strong promotional activity, or to hand sell, in the knowledge that selling the book will be more profitable than before.


And because it’s only a 99 cent comic, this won’t even show up on Diamond’s stats.

And for The Sovereigns #1, they’re giving retailers a wholesale price of 90% off if they order enough to match their orders on Red Sonja Vol. 4 #1, again making the book substantially more profitable for retailers.

As the beginning of a new line of superhero comic featuring classic characters, I can’t think of a better launch in comic book stores than this one.

It should be enough to get copies into customers’ hands. What happens then – is up to the quality of the comic – and the comics to come. Including Magnus, by Kyle Higgins and by Jorge Fornés in June.

As a reminder, initial retailer orders for The Sovereigns #1 (item codes MAR171617 through MAR171620, plus incentive variants MAR171621 through MAR171625) are due to Diamond today. I expect to see this joining Secret Empire #0 at the top of this week’s Advance Reorders lists.


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