The Schedule For The Deadline Magazine Revival, Missed Deadline…

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We have the schedule for the Deadline relaunch magazine, Missed Deadline for later this year. Reviving the magazine that launched Jamie Hewlett and Tank Girl – and eventually saw the formation of Gorillaz. That gave us Hugo Tate, Wired World, End Of The Century Club and many more.

What will they do this time?

  • The magazine will soft launch in September 2017 with previews going out to interested parties.
  • Ad execs and readers in June 2017 at ‘Ice Brighton Comics Con, run by Shane Chebsey.
  • Not only launching print, but also online, we are by our own admission ‘a magazine for those who just can’t be arsed in the morning!’
  • Full of the Strips no one else was stupid enough to risk incurring legal proceedings by publishing and some frankly scandalous (if not liable-us) gossip from the Slanda Panda we are Missed Deadline.
  • It’s addictive reading for the bored freelancer who needs to vent some steam.

Deadline, originally created by the late Brett Ewins and the late Steve Dillon, became one of the greatest examples of comic book outreach the UK has ever seen.

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