Proving Finger Still On The Pulse Of Popular Culture, WWE Plans Pitbull Performance For Wrestlemania

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Not since Cyndi Lauper managed Wendy Richter in a championship bout at Wrestlemania 1 has a more perfect combination between rock and wrestling been formed. That’s right, rapper Pitbull will perform a live concert at Wrestlemania with special guests Flo Rida, Lunchmoney Lewis, and Stephen Marley, according to a tweet from Mr. Bull himself:

Bull joins Kid Rock, Puff Daddy, and Limp Bizkit in the elite group of artists who performed for a confused Wrestlemania crowd who wanted nothing to do with a dumb concert anyway, years to decades after the height of their popularity. It’s unknown how long the performance will take, or when it will appear on the show, but we can probably rest assured that the it will take precedence over one or more beloved secondary championship matches that will be bumped to the preshow or from the show entirely.

Wrestlemania takes place this Sunday, April 2. Roman Reigns will defeat The Undertaker in the main event, after which The Undertaker will reveal that the WWE ring it really is Roman’s yard. You know it’s going to happen, and you’re going to hate it, but you’re going to watch it anyway.

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