OpTic Gaming Take The 2017 Halo World Championship

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After a lot of rounds where it looked like anyone might be able to take them on, OpTic Gaming dominated the final round and took the 2017 Halo World Championship from EnVyUs 4-0.


To their credit, it really looked like it was going to be NV’s night. In order to take home the championship, they needed to win 12 rounds in a single day against some of the biggest teams in the country. The team made quick work of Str8 Rippin in their first set of matches at the start of the day. When they made their way onto Team Liquid, people were already writing them off online, only to beat down TL in quick fashion. NV looked strong in the final matchup, but essentially gave every match away. In the first three rounds, they would take a commanding lead and look like they were owning OG, only to drop the ball and watch OG come back and steamroll their way to a win.


The final round was Capture The Flag, but by then there was just no competition. OG took the round easily after capturing the flag just once and holding off NV from even making any headway with even moving the flag, let alone capturing it. The game was so uneven, OG even took a moment to shoot the NV logo (seen above), which is about as much of an insult to a pro-team as you can get shy of teabagging them while hitting their body.


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