Former Teen Heartthrobs Seth Rogen And James Franco Team With Kelly Oxford For Triumphant Return To Teen Drama Genre


It was just a few years ago that Seth Rogen and James Franco played sexy teen idols on Freaks and Geeks. All grown up now, but still young at heart, Franco and Rogen are returning to the genre that gave them their start, and this time, they're bringing social media star Kelly Oxford with them. According to a report from Variety, Rogen and Franco have teamed up with Oxford to produce a new teen drama for streaming network Hulu. The show is written and by Oxford, and while Freaks and Geeks was set in the 1980s, as many shows still are, this new one will tackle the 1990s.

That's about all the info that exists right now, but we can't help but root for these two lovable losers and their hip young friend, and besides, aged 90s kids deserve a heavy dose of teen nostalgia to go along with all the 80s nostalgia shows. After all, we haven't had a really great 90's nostalgic teen drama since it was the actual 90s, and there's only so many times you can rewatch Dawson's Creek.

Okay, we lied, there's no limit to the number of times you can rewatch that. But this new show might be cool too.

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