PS VR Now Has A Ghostbusters Game

PS VR Now Has A Ghostbusters Game

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With absolutely no warning, PlayStation VR got a Ghostbusters game. The game is called Ghostbusters is Hiring: Firehouse and the gameplay is pretty self-explanatory. You go to a job interview at the Ghostbusters’ firehouse.

Unlike the previous Ghostbusters VR game, this one is not designed as an amusement park attraction, but rather something for you to enjoy on your own.

But really, looking at the trailer, this game doesn’t seem particularly more fun than previous Ghostbusters games. It might be an amusing thing to spend some time on, but it doesn’t make me want to go out and buy it, or buy a PSVR in order to go play it. If you like, the trailer is below, but personally I’d give this one a pass.

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