Meet The Characters Of Dragon Quest Heroes II In Cute Spotlight Videos


Square Enix has been putting out short “Meet the Heroes” videos for their worldwide release of Dragon Quest Heroes II. And they’re pretty cute little spotlight videos, if you want to get a deeper look at the story and game-play of Dragon Quest Heroes II.

These Meet the Heroes videos give a nice bet of insight into the game-play of the hack-and-slash sequel as well as providing some backstory about the various heroes. The game will feature up to four-player multiplayer missions alongside the single-player campaign mode, although voice chat is not available in DQHII. Instead you’re stuck with canned stock phrases that you can send to your friends to communicate.

The story is pretty simple, in a world of seven countries, the heroes of various backgrounds come together to stop a strange, possibly magically induced, war between all seven kingdoms.

You can watch all three of the videos we’ve seen so far below including the new video just added today. They’re relatively short, but worth a watch.

The first video introduced Lazarel, Teresa, and Healix:

The second focused on Desdemona and Cesar:

The third, and most recent Meet the Heroes video, features Maribel and Ruff:

The game was developed by Omega Force and its full title is Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End. The game has been available in Japan since May of 2016. The worldwide release is set for April 25th in North America and the 28th in Europe. It will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and on Windows for PC.

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