Marvel's Edge Of Venomverse Taps Into The Web Of Life And Destiny

Marvel’s Edge Of Venomverse Taps Into The Web Of Life And Destiny

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We have a new description for Edge Of Venomverse, out in June from Marvel Comics, from the Hachette trade paperback collection… and it looks like ir will really be going down the path established by Dan Slott in Spider-Verse.

Symbiotes are stirring all across the Web of Life and Destiny. Are they just hungry to find worthy hosts or has something more sinister got them riled?

The Web of Life and Destiny is a three-dimensional construct in five-dimensional space which acts as a model of the entire Multiverse and enables travel between realities. Its nexus lies in Earth-001, where it is maintained by the Master Weaver and totemic spider deities. Madame Web and the various incarnations of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, and others across the Multiverse ultimately derive their spider-powers from the Web of Life, and are considered totemic entities.

According to Ezekiel Sims and the Ashanti tribe of Earth-616, the Great Web was first created by Kwaku Anansi, and is spun by a totemic spider deity called the Great Weaver, though several totemic spider deities exist and are responsible for maintaining different aspects of the Web.

Adriana Soria was able to produce a mutagenic enzyme that connected those infected to the Web of Life – and amplified the connections of those already linked to the Web – while simultaneously amplifying her own connection. Using a tissue sample of Peter Parker when he was mutated by this enzyme, Miles Warren engineered a “Spider-Virus” that was administered to the majority of Manhattan Island and transformed them into spider-monsters, empowering the Queen to the point where she hijacked the Web of Life and underwent a metamorphosis into a monstrous spider-like creature.

It was used by the Inheritors to hunt down the Spider-People from different universes and feed on their energies. After the defeat of the Inheritors at the hands of the Spider-Army, the Warriors of the Web used it to traverse the Multiverse and assist any reality in need, especially those whose Spider-People had been killed by the Inheritors.

And now it’s the turn of the Venom’s to infect it! Just remember not to mention the 616…

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